Markets & Research


As part of the Foreign Exchange (FX) sales team, my role is all about building and maintaining relationships with corporate clients, trading houses and global asset managers. Every day, I'm in touch with these people – in person, on email and over the phone. But the best part of the job is actually developing hedge strategy proposals and executing FX flow.

The FX market is extremely volatile and dynamic. There's so much information to consider and so many variables to take into account. Of course, you're not expected to know everything at the start. Much of it you learn as you go along. But quick thinking, good judgment and the ability to multitask are all essential attributes if you want to succeed here.

Speaking of personal development, it's an ongoing process, and even now I'm picking up new skills all the time. Over the last weeks, for example, my manager has been helping me find more compelling ways to explain the markets and propose new trade ideas to clients. My whole approach is now more customer-centric and I'm already starting to see the results. 

In some organisations, I think it's easy to become so focused on the immediate needs of the business that you lose sight of your own longer-term ambitions. In my experience, that's certainly not the case at Barclays. I meet regularly with my manager to discuss where I want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years' time and what I need to do to get there.