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Empathy. Patience. Determination. Being a carer means you build skills and qualities any employer should be glad to have. And yet full-time carers and former carers often struggle to be heard. You may not have the right qualifications. You may have been out of formal work for a long time. But whoever you are, whatever your age, if you’ve got the right attitude, Barclays Apprenticeships want to support you.

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Nat's story:

I felt like I didn’t have a purpose before I started working at Barclays. I’d already been my mum’s primary carer since I was 12, then my little brother passed away when I was 15, and I just lost all focus.

I was very lost and I’d almost just become a shell of the person I was. I dropped out of my first year of sixth form before the year ended, and I didn’t feel as if the conventional route from education to work was right for me.

Then the charity that used to look after me (XLP) spoke to me about Barclays Apprenticeships. I had previously done work experience at Barclays in Bexleyheath branch and loved every moment of it, so when the opportunity presented itself to go forward to the assessments, I knew this was the right opportunity for me.

I completed my Foundation Apprenticeship first of all, but I knew I didn’t want to stop upskilling myself. I saw how much I’d grown as a person on the Foundation programme, and how the Higher Apprenticeship would help me grow into the woman I knew I could be.

I’m now studying for a BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership, and I’ve got a brilliant support network around me. Barclays helped me transition from Foundation to Higher, but they also support me with the other huge part of my life – caring for my mum.

Natalie, former Foundation Apprentice and current Higher Apprentice


Opportunities for you:

Outside of the working world, you’ve dealt with some big responsibilities, and that same resolve will see you go far with us. Since our programme started, we’ve seen carers and former carers achieve great things. What could you achieve? Explore our programmes to find out:

Foundation Apprenticeships

If being a carer meant you couldn’t finish your qualifications, couldn’t go to university, or couldn’t maintain a job - then our Foundation Apprenticeship is the place for you. Lasting up to three years, this two-step programme will take you from Foundation to Advanced, building skills, gaining recognised qualifications, and setting you on the path to professional status. There’s no ideal age, background or qualifications, so there’s nothing to hold you back from success.

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Higher Apprenticeships

University isn’t for everyone, and if you have other commitments at home, we know it can seem like it’s not on the cards. But if you’ve got at least 80 UCAS points (or predicted) from 2017 onwards; or 200 UCAS points pre-2017; or a year’s work experience, then with our Higher Apprenticeships, you can earn a university-level or professional qualification while you work. You’ll kickstart your momentum and open new doors for your career, all with our wholehearted support.

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