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Sometimes it takes a long time to find the role that’s right for you. You might have spent two, ten or twenty years in a job you don’t enjoy. You might have been made redundant and need to learn new skills. The good news is it’s never too late with us. Whatever your situation, if you want to change careers, we’ll help you find the right direction.

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Doris' story

After being made redundant by the Post Office, I was volunteering as a receptionist at Camden Community Centre. We were near the local Jobcentre, and it was there that I found a leaflet about the Barclays Apprenticeship scheme. It sounded like an interesting opportunity, so I asked if I’d be eligible. Since making that first leap, my day-to-day has been completely turned around.  

Running a till in Barclays’ Edgware Road branch, I look after all kinds of customers and their needs. I credit funds, authorise transfers, order debit cards, print statements, and generally look to give everyone a great experience here. And that’s a brilliant experience for me in return.

There’s honestly something special about the Barclays programmes. You get great training, but there are also constant opportunities for you to give back – to share the knowledge you’ve already built up over your career. That’s not something you find with every employer – and certainly not for over 25s.

I’ve just finished the Foundation programme, and I can safely say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve given my career new life. From nowhere, I’ve learned all about Financial Services, and my new knowledge of banking is all thanks to Barclays’ training. That’s how I know I’ll keep growing as I join the Advanced programme this year.

Doris, former Foundation Apprentice and current Advanced Apprentice


Opportunities for you:

You might think it’s too late to change careers, or you might think your skills aren’t right for banking, but we know you could do great things with us.

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Foundation Apprenticeship

Struggling to make a career change or get over redundancy? Maybe your skills don’t seem relevant anymore? Our Foundation Apprenticeships might be for you. Lasting up to three years, this two-step programme will take you from Foundation to Advanced, no matter what your background. Gain new experiences, study for recognised qualifications, and get yourself on the road to a lasting profession – all with our help.

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Higher Apprenticeships

Sometimes getting a degree or a new professional qualification is what it takes to help you turn things around. With Barclays, you can earn as you learn. If you’ve got a year’s work experience, or 80 UCAS points (or predicted) from 2017 onwards, or 200 UCAS points pre-2017, then our Higher Apprenticeships mean you can earn a university-level or professional qualification whilst you work for us. You’ll rapidly build up expertise in your newfound career, working toward a lasting profession.

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