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Relationship Management Higher Apprentice

Relationship Management Higher Apprentice

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  • Learn how to build client relationships that last and grow
  • Build up your knowledge and skills in Relationship Management, exploring different areas within the bank
  • Study for industry-recognised banking qualifications, and gain membership of a professional body

Our advice and expertise is trusted by virtually every type of business – from small companies to large international corporations. In just three years, you’ll learn how to give the kind of support and guidance that grows our relationship with each and every one of these businesses. We’re open to non-degree qualified candidates in their last year of school or college who have the required UCAS points. If you don’t have the required UCAS points, don’t worry; you can still apply if you have a years work experience. If you have neither you may want to explore our Foundation programme. Internal candidates who meet our criteria are also encouraged to apply. If you already have a degree-level qualification, we recommend you look at our graduate opportunities instead.


Hannah's view

Learn more about Hannah’s experience as a Relationship Management Apprentice and discover if it could be the right path for you.

I can see endless opportunities, with so many different routes I could take. I’m learning so much about myself throughout the whole process, and I hope that one day I can progress into Leadership and Management.

Before I started at Barclays, life had been a bit up and down for me. I’d suffered with my mental health, and I’d been in and out of hospital during my time at high school and college. My studies had taken longer because of that, so after I got my A Levels, I decided to take a year out to look properly at my career path and work out what to do next.

During that year, I came across the Barclays Apprenticeship programme, and I knew it would provide me with endless opportunities. I’d already worked for a major retailer during my year off, so I knew I loved building a rapport with customers. This would be the chance to do that at a higher level.

Right now, I’m on the Relationship Management Higher Apprenticeship, working in the Corporate sector. As well as working for an industry-recognised degree-level banking qualification, I also work alongside Relationship Directors to help them manage their clients and grow our business. I’m there for anything my colleagues need to help them build strong client relationships. Sometimes I’ll even get involved in voluntary projects – like representing Barclays at WE Day in Wembley Arena.

What makes Barclays special is the fact that they make you feel special too. You’re not just a number among hundreds of thousands of employees; you are you, and you bring your own unique spark to the ever evolving world of Barclays.

Hannah, current Higher Apprentice in Relationship Management  
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What to expect

Expect three years of learning in a very interesting part of our business. You’ll build up your knowledge and skills in Relationship Management, exploring different areas within the bank. As well as developing a broad understanding of the role, you’ll also get to see how businesses of all sizes, in all kinds of sectors, work and grow.

Where will I be based?

A quick word on location. If you’re looking to join our Relationship Management programme, the nature of the role means you’ll have to be flexible about where you’re based. Our opportunities span the UK, including Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Scotland. You’ll be able to select your preferences during the application process.

How you will develop

We’ll keep track of your progress based on both your studies and how you’re doing in terms of practical experience. Our training will make sure that the experience you gain is as broad and useful as possible – with plenty of opportunities as you go along. Your managers, colleagues and dedicated buddy will do the same. While you’re building your experience, you’ll also study for an industry-recognised, degree-level banking qualification. This will even earn you membership of a professional body.

Who thrives here?

Anyone with the right attitude. We’re looking for natural relationship builders who are quick to learn and comfortable talking to and dealing with all kinds of clients and colleagues. That said, we’re not looking for a lot of experience – as long as relationship building is a strength you think you have.

How can you prepare?

Our interviews aren’t about trying to trip you up. The fact is, we want everyone to do well. The more diverse talent we can enable, the better. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth guide to our Higher Apprenticeship application process – so that you can prepare and get ready to succeed with us.

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An inside view

You know the big picture now, but what’s it really like to experience our Higher Apprenticeships? Let some of our current cohort tell you about it: