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Leadership and Management Higher Apprentice

Leadership and Management Higher Apprentice

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  • Develop into the kind of leader that others want to follow, leading a team of up to 15 colleagues by your third year
  • Gain a BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership, and CMI status with the Chartered Management Institute
  • Work with, and learn from, our senior leadership team

Becoming a leader isn’t just about moving up the ranks. It’s about behaving the right way. Inspiring others. Making the right decisions. And understanding not just the wider business, but also the roles of the people you’re leading – whether that’s in a high street branch or one of our contact centres. We’re open to non-degree qualified candidates in their last year of school or college who have the required UCAS points. If you don’t have the required UCAS points, don’t worry; you can still apply if you have a years work experience. If you have neither you may want to explore our Foundation programme. Internal candidates who meet our criteria are also encouraged to apply. If you already have a degree-level qualification, we recommend you look at our graduate opportunities instead.


Christian's view

Read his story or watch his video to learn more about Christian’s experience as a Leadership and Management Apprentice and discover if it could be the right path for you.

I’ve had some massive opportunities to influence and make a huge difference to Barclays, even after only being in the bank and on the programme for six months. The belief you get from senior leadership is incredible, and makes me so proud.

I was actually studying for a BTEC Sports qualification and training as a footballer before I came to Barclays - but I knew I wanted to study a business based degree. Looking at my options, university seemed a clear choice, but I was worried about what it would mean financially. More than that, I knew it would be difficult to get onto a business degree with my sports qualifications.

Then I started looking at Barclays Apprenticeships, and I saw that I’d be able to study for a degree and work at the same time. I could develop the leadership and management skills I’d already learned, apply them to business, and develop myself into a leader on a larger scale. On top of all that, I’d be earning a salary and my studies would be funded – so it really ticked every box for me.

Today, I’m an Assistant Manager in one of Barclays’ London branches. Together with my team, we keep everything running smoothly from day to day – whether that’s guiding customers, supporting colleagues, monitoring feedback, or maintaining the machinery and technology that keeps our branch running.

I’ve learned so many different skills and lessons – not just through my studies. Things like how to act in certain situations; how to lead people and get the best out of everyone; how to have constructive conversations about developing a colleague’s skills. And I’ve even had the chance to spend eight weeks on a work group with senior colleagues, developing Barclays’ new Truly Connected Finance strategy.

You feel a part of something here. People really do want to see you achieve great things and they push you to get there. That’s what makes it special - and way more than just an apprenticeship.

Christian, current Higher Apprentice in Leadership and Management

Download a transcript of Christian's video here

What to expect

Practical experience is the best way to learn. So in your first year, alongside your university studies, you’ll take on a series of frontline roles in either our branch network or contact centres. We have programmes for each, so you’ll be asked to choose between the two when you apply.

The roles you take on will be in areas such as customer service and financial control. From here, you’ll get your first taste of leadership in a management-focused position. By your third year, you’ll be ready to lead a team of up to 15 people. All the way through, you’ll get to meet, talk with and present to our senior leadership team – learning the art of management first hand. You’ll also work on projects with them.

Where you'll be based

A quick word on location. If you apply for the Community Banking programme, you’ll be asked to choose your top three locations. Remember that our branch network is nationwide, so please choose a range of possible locations, rather than just your three most local branches. For the Contact Centre programme, you’ll be asked to state a preference for either Sunderland or Liverpool.

How you’ll develop

Your professional development will happen through the work you do. You’ll complete a range of work placements, chosen to give you the broadest skills and experience possible. Should you ever need support, your managers and your dedicated buddy will be happy to help. Throughout the three years, you’ll also study for your BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership – a qualification we designed in partnership with the Lord Ashcroft International Business School. We’ll provide 100% of the funding for your studies, and your tutors and academic mentors will provide support from start to finish.

Who thrives here?

Anyone with the right attitude. We’re looking for people who have the potential to lead, but that’s all we need - potential. You don’t need experience. You’ll be keen to develop skills in management, and to learn how to challenge, inspire and work with others in the right way.

How can you prepare?

Our interviews aren’t about trying to trip you up. The fact is, we want everyone to do well. The more diverse talent we can enable, the better. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth guide to our Higher Apprenticeship application process – so that you can prepare and get ready to succeed with us.

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