Meet our apprentices

Meet our apprentices

They're not your average Joe

Not your average apprenticeship

There’s a lot you might have heard about apprenticeships. But this one is a little different - so let’s bust a few myths before we start. This is a real paid role. It’s real skills and training. Real qualifications. A real career with us at the end of it – even if you never thought of banking before (or you already work for us). 

And best of all? It’s open to everyone.

Technology Apprenticeships

Keen to develop a career in technology? Whether you’re 16 or 60 – coming straight from school or college, or have plenty of life experience under your belt – if technology’s your thing, this could be the perfect choice for you. 

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We’re opening our doors to more people every day image

We’re opening our doors to more people every day

In fact, we just took on our biggest ever intake of Higher Apprentices. All 82 of them got together for their induction, kicking things off with advice from our senior leaders and training providers. Across five programmes, they’re ready to start their next big challenge – and this time next year, it could be you smiling for the camera.  

Explore our Higher Apprenticeships

Find the right programme for you

There are two different ways to join our business as an Apprentice – Foundation Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships. The best choice for you all depends on your goals, your experience, and what you’re comfortable with. Tell us about yourself in the drop-down below to get started:

Foundation Apprenticeship

Think all doors are closed to you? Think again. Our Foundation Apprenticeships don’t need any qualifications. Everyone is welcome. If you’re over 16 and out of work, we can help you get the experience you need to move forward.

Higher Apprenticeship

Getting a university-level or professional qualification should be an option for everyone – and we’re making sure of it. Across our business, Higher Apprentices are finding the support to work, study and build a future for themselves - and for Barclays.

Who can be a Barclays Apprentice?

For us, there’s no such thing as an average apprentice. You could be just out of school or just out of retirement. There’s no average age. No average background. No experience you need or qualifications you should have.

All you need to do is find your path – with a little help from our current apprentices.

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Breaking down barriers to work image

Breaking down barriers to work

We move forward together – and that means all of us. No-one should feel left behind because of their age or because of a physical or mental disability. So whoever you are, whatever you need to succeed, we’ll support you in every which way we can. From applying right through to the day-to-day of your work with us, we’ll make sure there’s nothing in the way of your potential.

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Championing an ageing workforce BITC winners

Anyone of any age can be an apprentice at Barclays. Everyone has equal value for us. That's why we've won a whole host of awards for young people, but it's also why we've just won Business in the Community¹s 2017 Aviva Award for Championing an Ageing Workforce. 

So, there you are. We officially champion so many people - and we could do the same for you. 

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