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Technology: Full-time Analyst

Great at ideas? Watch them transform our business. Here, you’ll work with the latest tech, as well as with outstanding teams, to contribute to some of our industry’s biggest innovations.

Education level: Graduate

Start date: August 2018

Location: Glasgow, Northampton, Radbroke (Knutsford)

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Unleash The Next Reality

Love technology and want a front-row seat on the future of fintech? We’re inviting students to be part of a unique competition and kickstarting platform that is all about unleashing powerful ideas for the future of fintech.

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In a business that's continuously strengthening and evolving around the world, new opportunities open up on a regular basis. Your career could expand in any number of directions; for now, simply choose a starting point and find out more.

Career areas

In every area of our business, you can sense the pace of our progression. Through proactive thinking and thoughtful collaboration, we’re making the most of our successes and our potential for growth.

Investment Bank

Fast-paced. Challenging. Rewarding. Worthwhile. A career within the Investment Bank is all of these things, and more.

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Investment Bank

The deals we make. The services we provide. The way we work. There’s almost nothing we do that is not supported by Technology. All of this makes Technology a fascinating area in which to push new ideas and explore different solutions.

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Inspire and support the growth of corporate clients including some of the world’s most successful businesses.  Explore new ways to help them achieve their ambitions, by providing an extensive range of banking solutions and relationships services.

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Influence and deliver the changes that give our entire business its momentum. Join the teams who support every deal, every change and every moment of progress across our global business.

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Group Functions

From start-ups to many of the world’s largest and most successful SMEs, we help more than 1 million businesses succeed and grow. Today, our team works to provide lending, risk management, cash and liquidity management, trade finance, and asset and sales financing to clients across 52 sectors.

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Wherever our customers are, however they want to connect with us, we’re finding new ways to be there for them. After all, we have an incredible history of innovation to draw on – from the UK’s first ATM to its first contactless payments. So you could develop the solutions that help customers embrace and navigate the digital world. Or you could drive the design and delivery of our banking and mortgage services.

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Whether you like the variety in exploring global financial markets or getting into the details of UK focused investment services, you’ll find something that suits you in Wealth.

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That unexpected opportunity, spark of collaboration and sense of pride when everything just clicked. It’s these kind of moments that will define your experience of Barclays. We’ll let our people tell you about some of theirs.