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Sector specialists. An ideas factory. Our Research team digs deeper into what’s driving the world’s financial markets and economies. The ability to articulate and present succinct, accurate and insightful messages is crucial here. You’ll learn to react swiftly to market movements, cutting through the noise to provide instant yet thorough analysis. And you’ll spend time thinking analytically on sector and global trends to generate powerful investment ideas. All while building relationships with some of the Bank’s most important clients. Whether you join us in Equity Research, Credit Research or Economics and Market Strategy Research, your work will empower our clients and our business.

Research areas

Research areas
  • Credit Research

    The Credit Research team is ideal for analytical thinkers who enjoy a dynamic, fast-paced environment. The team sits on the corporate credit trading floor and is organised into four primary groups: High Yield, Investment Grade, Emerging Markets and Strategy. Our analysts undertake in-depth, fundamental analysis on companies around the world, looking at industry trends and company-specific factors. This analysis is then translated into actionable trade ideas. Our team interacts with institutional money managers, corporate executives and our internal partners in Sales, Trading and Banking.

    Analytical and communication skills are key. You will learn to analyse market movements and news flow and to provide a comprehensive view on their impact on the companies you cover. You will interact daily with both clients and our internal partners, discussing our views on the companies and industry you cover and how valuations could be affected by specific events.

  • Equity Research

    This award-winning team provides fundamental research on nearly 1,700 companies across the Americas and Europe. Our analysts create actionable investment ideas based on independent, objective, primary research. They deliver in-depth expertise by identifying industry trends and individual company inflection points. Our team interacts with institutional money managers, corporate executives, industry experts, as well as our internal partners across Markets, Banking, Research and Quantitative Analytics.

    The ability to articulate and present succinct, accurate, insightful messages is crucial. You’ll learn to react swiftly to market movements and provide quick but thorough analysis on how industry trends or geopolitical movements may affect the industry or specific companies you cover.    

  • Macro Research

    The Macro Research team is diverse. It includes analysts who develop and present the Barclays Research view on economies, bond markets and commodities, as well as strategists who build recommendations based on these views. The individuals in Macro Research come from many different academic backgrounds, but most have some grounding in economics.

    Compared with the Equity or Credit Research teams, Macro Research is a small group. But the views they develop are inputs for a wide variety of both internal clients (Sales, Trading, and other parts of research) and external clients. The type of individual who thrives in Macro Research is therefore someone who gets excited about digging into the nuance of data and developing insights, but should also be at ease formulating a compelling story about their view and communicating this in written work, graphics, and presentations.

Combined Spring Week

If you are interested in our Spring Week please note that this career pathway is included in one of our combined Spring Weeks and includes insights into Banking, Markets & Research. To explore this role please click the link. 

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Summer Analyst

Spend your summer learning to build models and generate investment ideas through data-driven analysis. All whilst working alongside fast-moving Banking, Sales and Trading teams.

Education level
Summer Analyst
Start date
June 2020
Opportunity duration
9 weeks

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