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Micro-Tyco Challenge

In partnership with WildHearts, Barclays are proud to announce the Micro-Tyco Portfolio Challenge. Open to all UK university students, we’re looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who like to be part of the action. WildHearts will send you £1 and you’ll have 30 days to generate as much as you can. All of the funds you create are then invested by WildHearts in micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in the developing world. You’ll have the chance to learn from some of the world’s best entrepreneurial minds throughout the challenge and develop the skills you need to succeed.  And the prize? An internship – with Barclays.

The competition has now commenced

The competition has now commenced, with 28 teams competing from across the UK. Take a look at our social media channels to track the progress of the teams.

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What will the teams need to do?

1. Get organised

First things first – they'll get their team organised. Teams of 5 people will work together and share their ideas to make as much money as they can.

Next, WildHearts will send each team £1 seed capital. This tiny investment will amount to something huge – for their team, their career and for micro-entrepreneurs across the developing world. 

Once they've got their seed capital, they're ready to go. WildHearts will assist  with each teams ideas, via the Micro-Tyco Method E-Book, to help them get started. Then it’s over to the teams. Each team will have one month to make their £1 into as much money as they possibly can, using whatever ideas they can. The more innovative the better, as long as it’s legal and safe. They’ll also need to keep a simple record of how they do it, so that we can track how they’re getting on.

The prize

Our winning teams – the teams who manage to make the most money over the month – will each find themselves with an internship at Barclays. Instead of one internship, you’ll gain the kind of rounded experience that will give you a unique and invaluable advantage when you enter the working world. Over the summer you’ll spend one week with Barclays exploring our business.

So what are you waiting for? Register today for your chance to be part of this unique challenge.

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What is Micro-Tyco?

Micro-Tyco is the multi-award winning entrepreneurial training and employability skills programme, pioneered by WildHearts. The challenge produces inspired, entrepreneurial thinkers, who can execute their ideas in a team, within a competitive environment and who care about their impact on their local and global community.  

100% of the money generated during the challenge is used by the WildHearts Foundation - a registered charity - to fund Microfinance across 40 developing countries.  By becoming an entrepreneur, you can actually fund an entrepreneur.  This helps poor, predominantly female micro-entrepreneurs across the developing world to launch businesses and work their own way out of poverty with dignity.

To date, over 40,000 people have taken part from schools, universities and businesses across 21 countries.  All have benefited from the multi-award winning Micro-Tyco Method: from Yale, to street kids in Kabul, executives in Manhattan to Hong Kong.

Teams have 30 days to turn £1 seed capital into as much money as they can, with all profits going to support entrepreneurs in developing countries.

This year Barclays are teaming up with WildHearts to offer our own spin on this award-winning competition – and you and your team are invited to be part of it.

Together, you can do something momentous in February 2017.