Client Support Analyst, Operations

Stephanie King

There’s a lot of opportunity to introduce your ideas in various ways. Alongside my day-to-day work, for instance, I decided to launch a global blood drive for Barclays.

One of the key branches of my role is the internal communications for global payments, covering India, the US, and the UK. I have my eye on any big tickets coming up that we need to promote. Then, I also act as an executive assistant for our MD.

In my role, I think you have to have confidence, as well as maximum organisational skills. You’ve got to understand what’s going on around the business at all times, and that can change very quickly. I think that’s true across Operations: you’ve got to be the type of person who moves with change and stays on top of it. You could do an amazing piece of work one day and the next day it’s forgotten and you’re onto the next thing.

Right now, I’m also working on a project for continuous improvement, where our aim is to try to raise 2020 new ideas by 2020. We encourage teams and individuals to think of new ways to make our business better, implement them, complete them - and in seven months, we’ve already saved the business £90,000. It’s my job to facilitate all that: to make sure that people are following through on their ideas and to keep everyone up to date with our progress.

I called it Litres for Life, we got in touch with Blood UK, and we decided to try to save 1000 lives by blood donation by the end of the year, globally. We actually hit that target in six months, and we’ve so far saved 1200 lives through donations across India, Singapore and Dubai. I had this idea and they let me run with it – and even our senior leaders got involved. I think that’s a rare thing.