Managing Director, Banking


This is a place where you can voice your opinions and ideas – so go for it, right from day one.

I joined Barclays in 2005 on the graduate scheme. Really enjoyed it from the very start and twelve years later I still work in the same team.

I think the best thing about my journey has been the work-life balance. I’ve had three children in my time here and have been able to enjoy a rewarding career in a senior role whilst also being a mum. I’m still ambitious and keen to do more, and my experience to date has shown me that the environment at Barclays is genuinely conducive to achieving the right balance between work and family life. 

I think the overriding Barclays culture is one of openness.  It’s great how easy it is to talk to people of all seniorities across the bank, and how open people are to hearing new ideas about the business.

Our key differentiator is our people and our collaborative ethos.  We are very aware that we deliver our best results when we work as a team – this is what makes joining Barclays a truly compelling proposition.