Analyst, Sales


It’s enabled me to really learn on the job, get a feel for what the clients are like. I was going out to client meetings, working with the team and really coming up with solutions that helped everybody two months after joining Barclays.

So I started back in February and I was given my first set of clients in April so it was quite a shock to the system to say the least. 

I’d come out of university and gone straight into the team. And my manager really believed that I was capable of doing it. I didn’t necessarily have that belief, but he put it on me and I genuinely really appreciated it. And that really made me feel as though I was welcomed into the team first of all, but also that he really trusted in my ability and really enabled me to get on with what I was doing and be a sales person rather than a graduate. 

It was when I started to realise, actually I’m doing everything that these clients need, it wasn’t a stage where I decided that I’m really good at this. It was where I didn’t feel like I had to ask a member of my team on every single thing that came in and for me, that’s really important, it means that I’m self-sufficient in what I do, but I also know that my team are there to help me with any questions when something comes in that I’ve never dealt with before - and having that support is really helpful.