Director, Corporate Banking


I’d say if you’re looking to work on strategy, if you’re looking to set up new businesses or to do something slightly out of the ordinary to general banking, Barclays nurtures that and supports that and it’s a great place to be.

I’ve had a great career and I’ve really enjoyed working for many brands I’ve worked for, but it is Barclays who first showed and supported me in bringing out the entrepreneurial spirit that I had and didn’t know I had. Barclays pays very close attention to ones career development plans and encourages you not just to move geography, i.e. I’d like to go and work in Africa, I’d like to work in the US in the long term. 

So take your time, explore what’s available within Barclays, and truly make a stand in picking up and learning as you go along, don’t be in a hurry to progress in title or in terms of rank, because down the line you will realize the wisdom you acquire is really valuable in taking the next step of your journey, so Barclays is a great place to acquire that wisdom.