Foundation Apprentice, Apprenticeships


Before I started at Barclays, I had just left school after finishing my GCSEs. I was at a bit of a loose end, to be fair. Life was good, but I wasn’t doing much and wanted to start something new – something I’d enjoy. I knew I wanted to try and find a good apprenticeship rather than going back to school or college. Then I found Barclays.

If I’m honest, I didn’t think a well-known bank would want someone who’s just fresh out of school. But, you know, there’s no harm in applying, so I did it and hoped for the best. And I’m so glad I did.

I’m currently working in the Retail Banking department, and I do so much on a day-to-day basis. Each call can be different: anything from transferring money for a new car to opening a savings account, and you never know what the customer is going to ask. It always makes me really proud that I’m helping them out as much as I can.

I’m equally proud to say that I’ve just finished my Foundation Apprenticeship. I’ve learned so much working here –about how banking works and why it’s so important. And considering what I knew at the start, I’ve come so far in the space of a year. I’ve had huge support and I know the opportunities are here for me to progress, so I’m already looking at my next Apprenticeship to help me go further within Barclays.

Reece, former Trainee now a Foundation Apprentice