Associate, Banking


I was part of a team working on a big deal and given a lot of responsibility. It felt great to see how my work contributed.

It’s the most interesting project I’ve worked on so far. We were advising an international private equity firm on its acquisition of a listed healthcare company, and I was closely involved throughout the deal.

I got involved soon after making the move from Barclays’ Amsterdam office to the UK Advisory team. International mobility is really valuable. It encourages you to go out of your comfort zone into a new country and a new team and helps you develop and keeps the work challenging and exciting. It’s definitely both at the moment. 

Mostly I work on live projects, helping with anything from company valuations to due diligence sessions and financing meetings. On top of that there are client pitches. These involve visiting the client and discussing such things as the latest industry trends, the competitive landscape or an acquisition opportunity. They really boost my understanding of the client and the industry it operates in.