Senior Manager, Trade and Working Capital Operations, Operations

Linda Albon

Every single transaction that you look at will be different, so even once you’ve got a good understanding, there’s still never going to come a point when you’ll stop learning.

Operations covers a wide variety of things across the bank. It means you can start off at entry level and work your way up to being one of the technical specialists in sometimes some quite niche areas. You’ve just got to have that mindset of wanting to develop yourself and use all the tools available to you.

I’ve even gotten some qualifications while I’ve been here – management and leadership qualifications, as well as trade finance specific professional qualifications, which were funded for me by Barclays. I’ve been on talent programmes too, and you get lots of support from your team while you’re doing all that.

It’s a great working environment, generally. We’ve got lovely offices in Birmingham, designed to be very similar to our London offices. There are plenty of networks and groups here, as well as events throughout the year that everyone gets involved in, including our clients. It feels like you’re part of a community where there’s a lot going on, even outside the work you do.