Analyst, Human Resources


You realise that you’ve got an incredible platform, incredible support to really do your best and achieve the things you need to achieve.

Well my manager always emphasised the need for me to ask as many questions as I possibly can during a meeting or any questions that I have that I need to ask them. Obviously that can be quite a challenge because when you’re new you have an infinite number of questions you want to ask and you’re engaging with people that know a lot about what they’re talking about. You’re also aware that people are busy and people know a lot more than you about stuff so might not have a huge tolerance for silly questions but what you actually what you find is people do have a tolerance for it and also that often at times you can ask a question that might be quite simple and actually leads to a productive outcome. 

Just a week or two ago we were talking about the integration of the new system that we’re releasing into the old systems. I was talking about it with a couple of quite techy individuals and again my colleague who knows a huge amount about the process, but there were a couple of questions that I had going in that I didn’t feel had necessarily been covered or answered during the call. 

There’s an emphasis to have a sense of responsibility over your role and that if you’re looking back in a few months time and a problem has occurred and you think, well I thought that might happen, that that’s a reflection on you and you have to therefore take responsibility for those questions and ask them and make sure they’re acted on. Engaging with people that are on a high level all of the time really stretches you because you have to really reach to get to where they’re at or to perform well enough you know, the meet the standards you’re required to meet.