Assistant Vice President, Banking


Seeing that sort of level of enthusiasm and excitement from someone who’s been in business for seven years or ten years makes me feel really positive about being here and potentially staying for quite some time.

Within my team there are a number of people who when I joined seemed quite intimidatingly good at their job. You soon realise that really they’re there to help you and their abilities and their qualities are something that you can leverage and something you can really use yourself to improve as much as you possibly can. Obviously, there are times when as a team you have to pull together and you have to work hard. I think what I’ve found most valuable about this within my team environment is that there really is a sense that everyone is in it together and working towards a common goal.

Often when I’m working with clients, I’ll be discussing things directly with another senior member of the team. We have different skills sets that really work together to deliver the best solution for our clients. Typically, I’m involved in the more technical side of things and, as I’m quite new, I use my technical knowledge to help me develop a deeper understanding of the products. The senior members I work with have more knowledge about the background and industry, and they lead the client relationship and manage that side of things. This collaboration really helps because you can feed off each other and get much more excited about the work you’re doing.