Analyst, Sales


Graduates from Asia and Europe. People on the Retail, Corporate and Banking programmes. I met them all during my initial training. And it really helped build my network.

The more you get into your job, the more valuable that network becomes. You can get the viewpoints of people in other areas of the Bank and develop a rounded picture of products and clients so you can deliver a better service.

That kind of collaboration is particularly important in Sales. I’d describe myself as a middleman who pulls together information from various specialist teams before deciding whether large transactions are viable. I have to act fast, so it’s vital to have the right communication channels in place.

I’ve learned fast too. I was given my own clients early on in my job and the learning curve was steep to say the least as I was building relationships while also driving transactions through. But I had a lot of help and support from my team and it was a great experience that really boosted my development.