Asset Finance Case Manager, Operations

Chris Salt

You don't get many places where they’re prepared to throw you into so much, with so much confidence in you. My team saw it was an ambition of mine to move up, and within four or five months, that was happening.

To me, Operations is the engine of any company. That’s not just in banking either, although it’s particularly important here. We make sure that everything gets done. We make sure that every transaction across the bank happens as and when it’s meant to.

As an Asset Finance Case Manager, a big part of the role is obviously to look after a number of asset finance agreements – it could be anything; machinery, vehicles, various other things – and make sure everything is loaded onto the system and paid out where it needs to be. Then on top of that, we’re constantly looking at how to improve those processes.

You have to build relationships with your colleagues and with your clients. There are certain key clients that we work with quite a lot, and at the same time we have to build relationships with people doing equivalent jobs in their own operations department.

I really enjoy contacting clients – and equally, I enjoy the more technical side of things too. You’ve got to be quite analytical in some ways. It certainly helps. You’ve got to take on a lot of information all the time, and use your initiative to come out with the best way forward for the team.