Analyst, Risk


I’ve been really blessed to get two great managers, they’re always happy to give their time to teach you something new, to go through something.

So when I was in fraud, you always get questions about how fraud is done or what is the latest virus out there or what is the latest threat that is happening or what is the seasonal issue that we are facing, and my manager would drag me out for a coffee somewhere and just spend an hour talking through the things that we would be facing over the next month. I remember one particular day he took me aside and spent five hours straight with me until 10pm. It was an incredible experience, because you work alongside your manager, you learn what he’s thinking, you learn how he does things, which I find amazing because these are people who are giving away their time, their valuable time, which could be spent working, but instead they’re spending it developing us.

I could send an email to my HR manager right now and get a meeting next week for half an hour to chat through what I really want, what I really don’t want or where do I see myself rolling off, what am I good at, what am I not so good at. And that level of support to know that someone’s always there to sort of give advice and guidance and help you in your career is really valuable and that can only benefit you going forward.