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Your career in Markets

Fast, fascinating and always in motion, the Markets business is a barometer of world events - not to mention an incredible place to build your career. You’ll work closely with clients around the world to help them achieve their ambitions in the right way.

In Markets you can apply to the below business units. Barclays will then match you with a suitable asset class within those business units.

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Business units

Business units
  • Sales

    Key to the growth of our clients’ businesses – and our own – our sales teams deliver well-informed, up-to-the-minute advice, and an around-the-clock service. As a Salesperson, you’ll work with high-profile corporate and institutional clients. These are organisations that have significant capital to invest – pension funds, insurance companies, central banks and the like. It’ll be your job to match their needs to our products and services. It means often thinking beyond the obvious, always acting responsibly, putting our clients first and partnering with colleagues from across the bank. You’ll have a flair for relationships as well as a talent for analysis and numbers.

  • Structuring

    Structurers are entrepreneurs and project managers. Our goal is to set Barclays apart from our competitors by creating innovative investment ideas and solutions. Sitting in the front office between Trading and Sales, we work closely with Trading to develop ideas and make sure products can be efficiently hedged in the markets. We also provide content to sales teams and technical expertise in client meetings. As we develop and market products, our work involves liaising closely with our legal, compliance and quantitative teams, too.

    Join us and you’ll be part of a dynamic environment that gives you the opportunity to learn a lot, quickly. Working with many areas of the business, you’ll build a strong internal network. You’ll also develop invaluable communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Trading

    Our Traders trade a wide range of products and across a variety of markets. They’re highly focused, and they need to think on their feet.

    The products we trade vary from foreign currency to interest rates, credit and equities (stocks). Whatever area you work in, you’ll stay abreast of market movements in order to make informed decisions that build your clients’ trust as well as the strength of their portfolios. It’s fast-paced and demanding, but also team-driven. So expect to collaborate with colleagues in Sales and other areas of Markets, enjoy ample support while using your analytical skills to the full.

  • Trade Capture Unit

    TCU supports our Markets business by capturing trade information quickly and accurately. And with colleagues across the globe generating huge amounts of trades daily, that’s no mean feat. The TCU ensures all trades placed are entered accurately, accepted with the right terms and reviewed or adjusted as needed to manage risk. This team works with colleagues across Trading and Sales; weighing in on the design and implementation of system architecture to support trade capture. Your highly analytical mind coupled with your knack for processes – along with our support – will help you succeed here.

Asset Classes


A globally coordinated platform providing sales and trading of cash, loans and derivative credit products, from investment grade to high yield, emerging markets, distressed, and special situations


Full service capabilities across content, issuance and execution for exchange-traded and over-the-counter equities products  

Foreign Exchange and Rates (Macro)

Understanding the interconnectivity between rates and foreign exchange (FX) markets has become increasingly important to both our institutional and corporate clients. Our Macro business combines coverage of these asset classes to respond better to their needs.

Barclays has long been a recognised leader in rates and foreign exchange products. Our teams, based in financial hubs across the globe, can assist clients with anticipating the impact of macro market moves and events on their portfolios. For example, the impact of central bank interest rate decisions on currency markets or the potential effect of Brexit on hedging GBP exposure.

We strive to give clients the critical short-term and thematic insights they need to effectively manage their portfolios, and partner with them to structure, buy and sell products to meet their hedging and investment goals. Our trading desks specialise in understanding flows across rates and FX, including: 

  • government bonds
  • interest rate derivatives
  • inflation-linked products
  • spot foreign exchange
  • forwards and options

Areas in Markets

Perhaps you have a talent for building great relationships. Maybe you’d thrive on the pressure of a fast-paced business. Or you might want to stretch your problem-solving or communication skills. Whatever your strengths, you can make the most of them in one of our teams.

Whether you join us an as intern or a graduate, you can rely on our commitment and support to help you learn fast and make achievements to be proud of.

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Explore Markets and Research

The work we do is affected by global events every hour of the day, making it a fast-moving and fascinating place to build a career. In financial and commercial terms, this is where the world happens first.

Explore the work we do by visiting our Markets scenario tool.

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Spring Week

Spring Week provides a unique opportunity to better understand how the different business areas within an investment bank operate. Click here to read more and apply for our Markets or Banking Spring Week programmes. 

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Opportunities in Markets

We offer a wide range of career opportunities to help you think bigger and learn to create smarter solutions. You’ll find an overview of all of our roles in Markets below, so use our dropdown filters to find the ones that suit you best. Then just click to find out more, or use the star in the bottom left to save your ideal roles to your wishlist for later.

Sales and Trading
Summer Analyst

On this summer internship, you'll learn what it takes to capture trades, providing support to the Sales and Trading team and gaining vital skills along the way.

Education level
Sales and Trading
Summer Analyst
Start date
June 2020
Opportunity duration
9 weeks

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We have lots of fascinating opportunities in the Asia Pacific region too. So whether you’re more familiar with that part of the world or fancy working somewhere new, why not take a look?

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