Your Spring Week programme framework

Our programme structure is tied to how we train leaders across Barclays – as well as being shaped by junior talent feedback from our annual Happiness Index survey. It means you get exactly the right training to become a future leader, and you stay happy and supported in the process.

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Through our Early Careers we build close working relationships with junior talent. We work to understand interests, ambitions, strengths and development.   


We encourage junior talent to get involved in activities across the bank, providing constant sources of inspiration. We encourage you to think more widely than your current role and understand how you can have a meaningful career at Barclays.


We aim to provide constant challenges and opportunities to stretch ability, so that junior talent are continuously growing, learning and developing.


Our programmes provide junior talent with the opportunity to build a dynamic network of peers, leaders, mentors, coaches and sponsors across all areas of the bank.


We collect continuous feedback from junior talent to ensure our programmes are constantly evolving and improving.


We build on the tech-savvy mindsets our junior talent already hold to ensure they are constantly bringing new ideas, fresh thinking and creating opportunities for our clients, customers, colleagues - and the communities we serve.

Experiential – this means ‘learning by doing’

  • Desk specific training
  • Access to interactive online learning content
  • Team integration
  • Regular feedback
  • Interactive career expos
  • Social impact projects
  • Immersive skills and leadership experience
  • Entrepreneurial learning
  • Intrapreneurial learning

Social – this means ‘learning through others’

  • Graduate portal
  • Buddy programme
  • Mentors
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Senior speaker sessions
  • D&I networks

Formal – this means ‘classroom-style’ learning

  • Technical training
  • Colleague curriculum
  • Leadership curriculum
  • Professional qualifications - programme depend

Creating an inclusive environment is extremely important to us. That’s why we focus on your performance and potential throughout our recruitment and selection process. We want to get to know our candidates regardless of their past academic grades and experiences.

Unsure whether to apply for the Barclays Spring internship? We asked our 2019 Spring interns what they think it takes to be a successful applicant. 

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