Technology Summer Analyst

Technology Summer Analyst

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  • Work with the latest technology and learn from some of the very best people
  • Developer Pathway - Use your coding expertise to develop our next innovation
  • Technology Analyst Pathway - Digitally savvy but no prior coding experience? This is the route for you
  • See how your ideas could transform the way we do business

With a larger technology capability than some of the world’s most well-known tech giants, this is a prime opportunity to spend your summer rising to a clear intellectual challenge. Experience the electric atmosphere that comes with genuine innovation. Stimulate your mind and build your skills. And set yourself up for a stellar career, as you contribute to digital advancements that change lives and solve financial challenges around the UK.


What to expect

Whichever pathway you choose, you’ll work in a fast-changing and dynamic technical environment. We recruit for both technical (Developer) and non-technical (Technology Analyst) roles here, so what you can expect will vary dependent on what you do for us. Over one summer, you’ll gain extraordinary exposure, working with the leading innovators behind services from Pingit, Talking ATMs, and bPay to leading platforms including BARX. As well as learning from our team’s collective expertise, you’ll start to build your own, taking on real projects and responsibilities early on. Within this fast-moving industry, you’ll have the chance to make an impact on live work, across our range of world-class products and services.

How you'll develop

Our Summer Analyst programme provides the perfect foundations to build your career, with just the right mix of technical knowhow, business acumen and soft skills training.

Through work shadowing, workshops, interactive skills sessions, project work and networking opportunities, you’ll gain an incredible insight into a career within Technology. With regular presentations, case studies and social events with senior leaders, you’ll also find exposure to our whole business as you quickly build your network.

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Who thrives here

We’re looking for innovators who have a relentless curiosity to harness and create new technology, to provide a distinctive colleague, client and customer experience. Whether you have existing tech expertise or simply a fascination for the digital world, we are the place for you.