Technology Part-time Coder

Technology Part-time Coder

Application Information


  • Hone your skills through advanced training
  • Gain real-world expertise on projects that make a difference
  • Work with and learn from expert developers

Want to unleash #TheNextReality? Then come and collaborate with those who’ve achieved some of the world’s biggest technological breakthroughs. At Barclays, we know technology is crucial to our success, so we foster a culture where innovation thrives. It’s why we invest so much in technology, and why we’ll invest in you while you work with us part-time during your degree or post-degree studies.


Part-time Coder

You will be partnering with our Technology teams to work on developing new and often ground breaking technology solutions, that drive improved colleague, client and customer experiences. Take your coding to the next level and see how you can apply and expand your expertise in a commercial environment. This is a flexible opportunity where you can combine your studies with hands on experience, whilst leveraging from the expertise and guidance of our technology experts. Exact hours required will depend on your availability and scale and scope of our projects. We recruit into a number of locations including Knutsford (Radbroke Hall), Glasgow, London and Prague.

What to expect

Expect an extraordinary experience that will accelerate your learning.

As a pivotal member of our team, you’ll work part-time writing code for one of our digital, application development or client facing teams to define the future of finance. 

Each agile project could last from a few weeks to a few months and – after a short induction at our global headquarters in London or UK technology campus Radbroke in Cheshire – you can work remotely.

You’ll work on real projects that can improve the lives of millions of customers, clients and colleagues. As well as honing your tech skills, you’ll gain invaluable industry knowledge.

You can choose from exciting and challenging assignments and will help shape future projects through your feedback, knowledge and technical skills.

How you'll develop

You’ll fast track your skills and knowledge with a high level of support.

Your advanced training will include mentoring from elite technical experts, with feedback and guidance on the best career path to accelerate your success. Best of all, you’ll be contributing to technological leaps in a world-class technology organisation.

If you’re a top performer, you could be invited to apply to our internship programme or even a full-time role when you graduate.

Who thrives here

Are you a sharp student with a hunger to learn by doing – and with the ability to work independently at a fast pace?

If you also know data structures and algorithms with the following skills, or are committed to developing this expertise, please apply.

Core developer:

Must know:

  • At least one major programming language, preferably Java, C++ or C#


  • Design patterns and functional programming
  • Python, Perl, bash scripting and multithreading
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP Networking

Automation Developer:

Must know:

  • At least one major programming language, preferably Java, C++ or C#


  • Ab Inito and Information
  • Bash, Perl, Python, SQL, Java profiling
  • CI/CD: Git, Gradle, Bamboo/Jenkins/Team City
  • Test runners like TestNG and JUnit, Mockito

Front-End Developer:

Must know:

  • .Net, C#, WPF/XAML and third-party GUI libraries (e.g. Infragistics)
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular
  • Data visualization, gnuplot

Data/Cloud Developer:

Must know:

  • Java, Python, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Flink
  • Docker, docker compose, Kubernetes, Mesos
  • Cloud metrics and monitoring
  • Cloud storage: Glacier, S3, EBS

If you’re passionate about technology and pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve, apply now to unleash The Next Reality.