Structuring Off-cycle Analyst

Structuring Off-cycle Analyst

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  • Experience and gain knowledge about many aspects of the business
  • Work very closely with a designated supervisor

A Structuring Team has a large remit, and an intern can expect to experience and gain knowledge about many aspects of the business. An internship in Structuring will have you interacting closely with Sales and Trading and so will give you a very broad experience of the different roles within the bank. As the team has such a large remit, you can expect that you’ll find whatever skills you have extremely useful in this business area, ranging from Technical Skills allowing you to help out with Pricing and Product Analysis, or Marketing and Sales Skills helping out with the Origination team.


  • London
    Applications for 2020 will open October 2019.

Applications for this role will open later this year. To register your interest in the meantime please click here.

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What to expect

During an internship in Structuring, alongside day to day business learning, including aiding the team with Pricing, Index Development and Product Analysis you could expect to be designated a project that should last for the duration of the internship.  

How you'll develop

During the internship the Structuring Team will make sure that you experience most of (if not all) the areas of business that we cover. You can expect to have your progress and development closely monitored, but working very closely with a designated supervisor.

Who thrives here

As a Structurer is both Client facing and involved with product development, an intern within the Structuring Team will need to have a good balance between Technical Skills and People Skills. No prior experience in Business or Financial Markets is necessary, but a thirst to learn and an interest in the financial markets is essential to success in this role.