Operations Summer Analyst

Operations Summer Analyst

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  • Gain a unique insight into the inner workings of Barclays that will help you prepare for a career in Operations
  • Influence everything from major global deals to key moments in our clients' and customers' lives
  • Use data to completely transform how we do things and the way the market works

At any given moment, Barclays is a hive of activity and opportunity. A couple gets their first mortgage, or uses a credit card to finance a family holiday. In the same breath, a business agrees the asset financing for a new fleet of vehicles, or our team raises debt financing for a county’s new university. It’s all happening at once, every minute of the day. To maintain that real time activity around the world, across both investment and retail banking, you need smooth-running, constantly improving systems behind the scenes. Payments need to be processed. Credit card systems need to be maintained. Trades, equity transactions, debt financing – you name it – it has to be checked, double-checked, and swiftly processed. That essential work, encompassing absolutely everything we do, is down to the Operations team. Put simply, they’re the heartbeat of the bank. Please note applications are now closed for opportunities in Manchester and Radbroke.

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  • Glasgow
    Applications are now open. Please note applications are considered on a rolling basis, so apply early to avoid disappointment.
  • Manchester
    Applications are now closed.
  • Northampton
    Applications are now open. Please note applications are considered on a rolling basis, so apply early to avoid disappointment.
  • Radbroke (Knutsford)
    Applications are now closed.

Who thrives here

The Operations team is the key to a career full of possibility, where you’ll be in touch with and highly valued by the whole bank. But what exactly are we looking for when it comes to the interns who join our team?

  • You love finely detailed data – breathe it, even
  • You’re tech savvy, hunting out what’s new on the market and how it can improve what you do
  • You adapt to change - in fact, you push for it
  • You’re a curious, creative disruptor: you’re not content with the status quo if there’s a way to do it better
  • You’re not just customer-driven but customer-obsessed: you’ll want to make our processes better for the end user
  • You’re happy talking to anyone - turning complex data into easily understood insights
  • You’ll pore over the tiniest details, making sure nothing’s been missed.

How you'll develop

We won’t throw you in the deep end on your first day. Instead, you’ll have a week learning about life in Operations. And it’s not just sitting there, watching presentations for five days. You’ll be up and about, getting involved in immersive and interactive activities that really shed light on what we do.

As part of a team, you’ll take on specific business challenges while learning about the importance of data-driven decision making. Not only that, you’ll build up practical skills to help you in your new role, and discover how we do things at Barclays. You’ll be working with colleagues in other teams from across the bank and building your professional network as you go. What better way to kickstart your career with us? 

Beyond your first week, we’ll stick by you and provide all the support you need – making sure you have every opportunity to flourish. On the Barclays Learning and Development Programme, we put your personal and professional development centre stage, with training, courses and mentorship at your fingertips.

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