Hints and tips

We know the application process can seem a bit daunting at first. But we want you to succeed just as much as you do. So here are a few hints and tips from our own people to help put your best foot forward.

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Jes Staley - advice for graduates

A message from our CEO Jes Staley, to our future leaders.

The importance of networking

Get to grips with why networking is so important for your future career, from one of our senior leaders.

Advice from our graduates - early applications

Hear from one of our current graduates on the importance of early applications.

Hear from our Group Chief of Staff

Some top tips from Sasha Wiggins.

Advice from our Graduate Recruitment team

Read below for some top tips and advice from our graduate recruitment team.

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Anne-Marie - Technology Recruiter

Network, network, network

Take full advantage of your campus careers events. Come and chat to us, learn about all the different opportunities and ask lots of questions. What better way to leave a great first impression?

Don’t be afraid to fail

If you don’t get offered the job, try not to be too disheartened. Treat every interview or assessment day as a learning experience and be confident in your abilities. Take our feedback on board and come back stronger than ever.

Do your homework

Put some time aside to properly research us. It really does speak volumes in your application, and will make you more focused and prepared for any questions we may ask.

Think about the bigger picture

Make sure we’re absolutely right for you. Look at our values – do they resonate with you? What about our training, development and further career opportunities? Do any of our internal networks interest you?

Start now

It’s never too early to start looking at our opportunities. We have Spring Week for first year students, the Summer Internship for penultimate year students and our Graduate Programme for those who’ve just finished studying.

Luke - Markets and Research Recruiter

Ask questions

Be prepared to ask your interviewer five or six questions. This just shows us that you’ve given real thought as to whether you could see yourself here.

Do the research

Take time to research life at Barclays – from the kinds of support you’ll get to the different networks you could join. But not only that, research our competitors too to see what we’re up against.

Give examples

When you’re answering strengths or competency-based questions, give as many examples as possible. It’ll help you to stand out from the crowd, and tell us a lot about you at the same time.

Be friendly, polite and professional

Really, this should go without saying. But you can’t underestimate the basics in interviews. Leave us with a first impression you’d be proud of.

Always follow up

If an interviewer gives you their contact details, just drop them a little note to say thank you. It’s a simple touch, but also another way to help them remember you positively.

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Jacqueline - Markets & Research Recruiter

Be authentic

We want to see the real you. So don’t try to act or answer questions in a certain way because that’s what you think we want. Be yourself, always.

Keep up to date

Stay on the pulse of industry news and trends. It’ll demonstrate your interest and commercial awareness of the world we operate in.

Get out there

Do a bit of networking within the industry. This will help you prepare for your interview, and show us you’re serious and genuinely interested in joining Barclays.

Riann - Banking Recruiter


Here’s a handy tip – use the STAR technique to help answer interview questions: Situation, Task, Approach, Result.

Include extracurricular activities

Add all the different extracurricular activities you’ve done on your application. This will give the interviewer a sense of the real you and what you’re interested in outside of work.

First impressions count

We see a lot of different candidates, so it’s important to remember that first impressions really count. Do your research, come with a good attitude and be yourself.  

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