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Technology Full-time Developer

Technology Full-time Developer

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  • Use your coding expertise to develop our next innovation
  • Work with the very latest technology and some of the very best people
  • Watch your boldest ideas transform the way we do business

With a larger technology capability than some of the world’s most well-known tech giants, this is a prime opportunity to rise to a clear intellectual challenge. Experience the electric atmosphere that comes with genuine innovation. Stimulate your mind and build your skills. And set yourself up for a stellar career, as you contribute to digital advancements that change lives and solve financial challenges around the UK. Let our commitment to innovation become your platform for growth. Our technology team changes the way we work - and often the way that our industry thinks. It’s why we invest so much in the technology that’s right for our business. It’s also why we’ll invest heavily in your development too.


  • Glasgow
    Applications for 2021 will open in Autumn 2020
  • London
    Applications for 2021 will open in Autumn 2020

Applications are now closed, but please click here to register your interest for future opportunities.

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What to expect

Great FinTech ideas wouldn’t become reality if it wasn’t for Developers. They are the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of new systems. If you have coding skills, this could be the ideal route for you. But this isn’t just about being fluent in programming languages.

As a Developer, you’ll be at the heart of driving forward innovative solutions to complex banking problems, working as part of a highly talented team. If you want to create a new and better banking experience for clients, customers and colleagues, this is the place to start.

How you'll develop

From day one, our carefully structured training will give you the knowledge you need when you need it. It starts with an absorbing five-day immersion experience, where you'll get to grips with all kinds of tech. There'll also be the chance to meet your peers, share ideas and compete in a high-octane cyber attack simulation. Your initial training period will then continue with networking events and inspirational talks. You'll discover the values supporting the business and the Barclays ethos. Then, it's onto your first role and all kind of absorbing real-life projects.

After one year, you can choose to stay in your current role or explore another area. Whatever your choice, you'll get to participate in citizenship projects and give feedback so we can make the programme even better.

Who thrives here

For the developer pathway you simply need to be able to code in at least one language. A science, technology, engineering or maths-related degree would be ideal, but it isn't essential. You’ll also need a strong interest in technology, combined with the ambition to design and deliver the next technological breakthrough