Yuran Shi - Singapore

On 8 May, I joined a group of 20 graduates for a GNC (Graduate Network Committee) community event to Rainbow Centre – a charity organization that provides special education programmes for disadvantaged children. We sat in with the children during morning classes and travelled to Science Centre in the afternoon.

The children were adorable and the teachers were amazing.

I was assigned to a small class with 2 teachers and 7 children. As I had never played with young children before, I was a bit apprehensive as I walked into my classroom, wondering how I should communicate with them. But I soon found out that the children were smart and adorable – they listened to their teachers and followed their instructions well. 

We had great fun playing card games with the children. They were good card players, especially one boy who sat at the corner speaking very little but who always won. After the game, the class went out for brunch in a nearby food court. It was no easy task to keep the children walking in line and making sure no one got lost on the crowded MRT. But we made it safely with the help of the teachers. 

The children learn to take public transport and order food during this short outing – an interesting activity that helps them learn and play at the same time.

In the afternoon, we went on a trip to Science Centre. It was the first time the children had been to the centre, so everyone was excited. The children had fun playing with light and sound effects in the exhibition rooms. They also attended a workshop organised by Science Centre staff where they learnt about various features of animals or the properties of light.

Not only is it great to be involved in these activities to build relationships with other graduates, but working with these children really pushed my boundaries and made me realise how much we can learn about how we communicate.  This can only benefit me in my working life.

I’m already looking forward to our next community event with GNC, and I sincerely hope more graduates will join us in the next event.