Yanfei - Markets Insight Game

I participated in a network event at my campus and a Barclays recruiter introduced the Barclays Stockfuse Markets Insights Game to me.

I realised this was an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge into practice.

It was an intense and exciting month. Through the Barclays Market Insight Game, I have in gained experience proposing trade ideas, executing trade strategy and managing downside risk. During the game, I had to keep abreast of key economic data and political issues affecting the market by reading the FT and Bloomberg. It was vital to research the market and the companies before making investment decisions. I always asked myself what made the company stand out, investigated its key values, business model and how it differed from competitors. The market always teases your emotions to do the wrong thing and so I have also learnt to always follow my risk management strategy throughout this trading game. There is no requirement to have a finance background to join this trading game; (for example, I have an engineering background) and it is really easy to start playing the Market Insight Game through Stockfuse. In addition, I am also impressed by the “Feed” function in Stockfuse. It allows me to review my previous trading records and share my trade ideas in a small post.