Winston Yap

August 16th marks my one year anniversary at Barclays. My first year has flown by, and I’m delighted to be marking this anniversary by writing my very first blog post!

Since this is my first blog post, I suppose I should tell you a little bit about who I am.

I was born and raised in Solihull in the West Midlands. I did A Levels in Economics, Maths, German and History at Solihull School and then went on to study Economics and Economic History at the University of Warwick.  Through school and university I was known for always keeping myself busy. Whether that was playing the saxophone in school bands, conducting them, or organising the Economics Summit at Warwick, I always liked to get stuck in.

In between school and university I had a really enjoyable summer blogging for the Society of London Theatre, reviewing shows and generally encouraging young people to go to theatre. Then in between my second and third year, I was thrilled to be selected for the Barclays Wealth and Investment Management summer internship programme.  I had a superb time, and was pleasantly surprised at how much responsibility I was given – even as an intern. After the internship, I was delighted to receive an offer to join the Graduate Programme the following summer.

I joined the Graduate Programme in August 2012, completed my first six-month rotation with Private Bankers and am now in the middle of my second rotation in Wealth Advisory. I won’t go through exactly what my role entails – as I hope you’ll find out in my blog posts! 

Always being on the front foot

One of the most enjoyable and equally most challenging parts of working in the Private Bank is proactively suggesting ways in which we can help clients across their needs, whether that is investment management, wealth advisory or even working with other parts of the Bank.

An example of this is that I have been involved in is organising ‘Barclays Days’ for clients. The idea is to bring together colleagues from across the bank from areas which we think might be able to assist a client. 

One such client was an owner of a large manufacturing and distribution business.  We invited the client to our global headquarters in Canary Wharf, where my team is based, and I arranged for the client to meet with colleagues from various parts of the bank who could have helped with their immediate needs, including:

  • Wealth Advisory, a service which helps clients meet their long term wealth planning objectives
  • Corporate Bank, to see whether our corporate bank could help their business needs
  • Investment Management

In addition to this, the client was also interested in starting a retail business. We brought together colleagues with experience in this sector, such as a retail analyst from the Barclays Investment Banking division and a colleague from the Strategic Solutions Group with experience in brokering acquisitions of retail businesses, to help the client understand the overall strategy he might want to implement for this new business.

Overall, the client really appreciated that as well as meeting his immediate needs, we also helped him to understand what he needed to do to launch his new business. This helped us engage with the client on a deeper level, building a stronger relationship with him, which of course is the foundation of everything we do in the Private Bank.

I was delighted to receive great feedback and I genuinely felt that we had tried to go above and beyond what the client expected.