Winston Yap

A lot has happened since my last blog post. I’ve finished my six month rotation in Wealth Advisory, where I was working with a senior Wealth Advisor who was advising predominantly Middle Eastern clients on how to structure their wealth and achieve their succession planning objectives.

Wealth Advisory is a real value-add service, which not many other Wealth Managers or Private Banks provide at the level of sophistication that Barclays does. It’s a service we’re rightfully very proud of. I learnt a huge amount on the Wealth Advisory rotation; not just about technical aspects of structuring wealth, but also personal development, such as always having attention to detail when preparing presentations for extremely important, and influential clients – of which I was lucky enough to be able to meet a few!

Towards the end of the rotation, some of the other graduates and I took a morning out of the office to teach a lesson in a primary school in Southwark as part of the Barclays Money Skills programme.

All Barclays employees are given up to two work days a year of paid leave to carry out volunteering activities to support the communities we work in. I liaised with the school and my colleagues to run the session, which you may have seen was posted on the Barclays Graduates and Early Careers Facebook page. It was a really interactive session, including a taste test, where the pupils blind-tasted own brand and branded cookies, and voted to see whether they could distinguish between the two. Everyone had a brilliant time, and we’re all looking forward to doing it again soon!

I’ve come to the end of my second rotation and am extremely excited by my next rotation, abroad! That’s right; I’m off to New York City, where I’ll be living – and working – for the next 6 months. My role in New York is to work on the Guided and Discretionary Investment Management team across all asset classes, constructing portfolios for clients.

It’ll be a great opportunity to learn about how the business works in a different location, and hone my technical skills on portfolio construction and investment management – which is the bread and butter of how we help our clients in Wealth and Investment Management.

I’ve got six months to tell you all about it...so watch this space!