Winston Yap

Today I want to blog about quite a senior, but also inspiring colleague.

As part of my rotation in Wealth Advisory covering Middle Eastern clients, I recently worked with a Managing Director who is also a very successful Private Banker. He has a team of less senior colleagues working with him, ranging from Junior Private Bankers who were once on the graduate programme to experienced Private Banking Executives who help service the team’s clients.

I had been told that he always respects the individual contributions of his team, regardless of seniority, but I didn't realise to what extent he lived these values until I observed him in a client meeting. It was his first meeting with this client and during the course of the meeting, he introduced James, a Junior Private Banker who had recently completed the graduate programme, to the client as 'an equal team member'. 

He informed the client that James is copied into all correspondence and that he should be comfortable in calling either himself or James as he would be receiving the same service as they work jointly for all clients. He then told the client that his team was aiming for the client to build a relationship between the whole of Barclays and the client, not just him individually as a Private Banker.

I was impressed to see that James was given so much exposure to this new client relationship and the collaborative approach adopted by the team. I’ve heard they go go-karting together and even his email signature doesn’t mention that he is a Managing Director.

This is just one example of how much faith senior colleagues can place in more junior colleagues such as myself which can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.