Trent Wilkins

This week I’m writing my blog from a hotel room in Amsterdam. We are currently taking one of our sovereign clients on a Road show around Europe.

Road shows are an important part of the deals we execute – they basically involve us (the bank) taking our client to meet the key bond investors who will participate in their future bond deals. Not only are they important for the client to build relationships with these investors but it’s also a great opportunity for us to spend some real quality time with our client. 

We had several presentations that took place today in Geneva and Zurich, and have a full day of meetings in Amsterdam and The Hague tomorrow. With up to 7 meetings in a day it can be extremely intense as you can imagine, but it’s a really great experience.

The year has kicked off in a very positive way – the team has executed some great deals already and we have a lot more in the pipeline to keep us busy. Last week I returned to Lagos, Nigeria with one of our clients for a new business opportunity. It’s great to see how well respected and strong the Barclays brand is in Africa – the client talked about Barclays in such a positive light and so emphatically during the meeting that it really reinforced to me that in Africa we truly are achieving our vision to be the ‘Go-To’ Bank.