Stanwin Siow - Singapore

From a young age, I was always piqued by technology and how it shapes the world, hoping that one day I might be able to utilise my knowledge and impact society. Choosing Barclays as my first job provided the perfect opportunity and platform to enhance my skills and knowledge and leverage what I already knew.

We have all been familiar with not seizing the opportunity when it presents itself to us. Today I will share with you three steps that I use to seize opportunities presented in front of me.

Step 1: Take a leap of faith

More often than not we have passed up an opportunity that we are interested in because of  fear of the unknown. Taking a leap of faith requires a lot of courage as it always requires us to step out of our comfort zone. It’s difficult but once you do it, you will be amazed at the results.

For example, I was handed a seemingly challenging task during my placement and I offered to take it up even though my knowledge of the subject was limited. Of course, I had a fear of failing and the fact that my team’s reputation might be affected. However I reached out and asked around, receiving the guidance that my teammates rendered. In the end, the task was completed successfully and my fears allayed.

Step 2: Always expect surprises

When opportunities present themselves, they often require a quick response and being prepared for unexpected surprises will definitely put you in a good position to seize an opportunity when you see one.

I was offered an opportunity to expand my career and nearly missed it because I deliberated on the decision for a while. Thankfully, life was kind as that offer was still on the table when I finally gave my answer.

Step 3: Change is the only constant in life

Embrace change because you will get left behind if you don’t. That is as simple as it gets. Always maintain a positive outlook and you will be surprised.

Accepting feedback and comments are part of change and the only way for a person to be successful is to listen to what others have to say about you. We all have flaws just like I do, but if we do not accept and embrace that we have to change our flaws, we might end up on a collision course with others around us. As life moves forward, so must we.

Try one of these today! You will be surprised.