Stanwin Siow - Singapore

My time at Barclays has taught me many things about how hard work and positivity can help you in your career.

Work and life are not without their challenges: a few simple reminders on how to stay positive, and make the best of situations can help immensely. 

Self belief

We often limit ourselves because of the fear of the unknown. When I am faced with a challenging situation, instead of being fearful I take things a step at a time, break the challenge down and ask for advice when I need it.  I consider these learning experiences that will stretch both my knowledge and confidence.  Once this has proved successful, you will find yourself with a wave of confidence and belief of what you can do. Leverage that.

Never Say Never

Despite all the positivity, there will always be situations where we don’t achieve our desired outcome. That is part and parcel of life. What I am suggesting is to always make sure that you have exhausted all avenues. You will never know if you can turn a negative into something positive unless you try. Hard work and determination always pay off. Never give up. No matter what the circumstances are.

It’s a daunting challenge, but that is why life is full of surprises isn’t it?