Shrey Sanger

Under the leadership of Antony Jenkins, Barclays has organised and expanded its Citizenship programme, it now includes not only giving back to the community but also the way we do business.

One such initiative is the Barclays Money Skills Week - a money management programme designed to strengthen the financial, enterprise and employability skills of students in further education in the UK.  The programme aims to increase students knowledge and confidence in these areas, reduce their financial stress and increase chances of achieving their future goals. 

Barclays employees play an important role in supporting these students by sharing their professional skills and expertise in tutorials and workshops. I attended one such activity, which was facilitated by the charity, a few weeks ago around the topic of ‘Starting a Business’ - it was a wonderful experience. We were well prepared in advance for the workshop, with a conference call beforehand to brief us on the material and our expected behaviours.

On the day we discussed the pros and cons of starting your own business: the challenges and the opportunities involved, using a case-study about a 17 year old in Scotland who started his own jam business to bring the topic to life. The students in the class engaged brilliantly with the prompts and materials and gave some excellent, well-thought out answers. 

A few students also mentioned that they actually had business ideas of their own and would use the knowledge gained through the session to refine those ideas. It was an interactive session where we got to share our knowledge about entrepreneurship and finance with students. We also had a few goodies which we distributed to the students who gave the best answers to the questions discussed!

It was good fun and a wonderful feeling to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with the local community and I can’t wait to get involved with other Citizenship activities at Barclays.

Citizenship is a critical part of becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank for all our stakeholders. And, for society, it means we can serve as an enabler for greater, inclusive prosperity for current and future generations. To learn more about our approach to Citizenship please visit: barclays.com/about-barclays/citizenship