Shrey Sanger

Citizenship is one of the fundamental ways we live our purpose and values here at Barclays and I did my bit by organising a two-day Citizenship event in association with the Harris Academy, which runs a number of schools for economically underprivileged children in and around London.

The event consisted of two ‘Careers Days’ where we took students through the entire recruitment process – online application, online testing, phone interview, assessment centre and personal interview.

  • The event had the following objectives:
  • To familiarise sixth form students with the recruitment process
  • To improve key soft-skills (presentation, interviewing) and hard skills (CV writing, online-testing)
  • To communicate the behaviours and methods that would help them navigate the recruitment process successfully
  • To guide them towards online resources that could help them with researching roles, firms and industries
  • To share the various early careers opportunities available with Barclays

Over the two days, 50 students attended workshops on CV writing, presentation skills, online applications forms, online testing and interview skills. We had interesting discussions on CV format, structure and content, CV errors, answering application questions with the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique and behavioural tips on interviewing. These were interspersed with team building activities, usually post lunch, to avoid food coma! A particularly interesting one was ‘The Hole and Tarp’ where students competed in getting a ball around a few holes in a huge tarpaulin without letting the ball fall through. It sounds simple but was quite challenging!

Personally, it was quite enriching to create content for these workshops and liaise with the Barclays LifeSkills team to source handouts and sample CVs for students. I was particularly impressed by how Barclays supports early careers candidates with their apprenticeship and degree programmes.

The project management skills I gained by arranging venues, catering, content for workshops etc. complemented the feeling of satisfaction gained from the faces of smiling students. One student had a real job interview later that day and said she felt super confident after her mock interview. 

I’m extremely grateful to colleagues from across the bank for coming together to add value to the lives of these students and make this event a success.