Shrey Sanger

The graduate programme has been designed to facilitate networking – we begin with our cohort of graduates and throughout the programme are given opportunities to meet with senior leadership at events organised by Human Resources.

But it is testament to the culture at Barclays that meeting senior leadership outside of these events is quite simple as well.

At my weekly one-to-one last month, my line manager suggested that I meet Ian Moseley – a Managing Director and the Head of Corporate Banking and W&IM Credit Portfolio - so I emailed Ian’s assistant the next day and voila, I had a whole one hour slot with him in two weeks time!

I was interested in finding out his thoughts on leadership and how a graduate could make the best of the programme and then go on to have a successful career. Here are a few excerpts:

SS: What do you do to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

IM: One of the things I do consciously is to keep my technical skills up, it is easy to slip into a managerial role and think you’ll always have people to explain things to you. I try to avoid that complacency so, for example, I try to keep abreast of the ever changing regulatory rule set.

Secondly, I believe that practice makes perfect. So I practice every day, leading my team, trying to get better daily.

I try doing things in different ways to see what works best. And lastly, I try to avoid thinking I’m finished, done developing as a leader. I remain open to ideas and that is how I improve.

SS: As an organisation gets larger, there can be a tendency for the ‘institution’ to dampen the ‘inspiration’. How do you keep this from happening?

IM: You have to get out of bed feeling that you want to get out of bed, right. Life’s short and you have to do things you enjoy. You have to be looking for different things to do well – to enrich and improve things you come in contact with.

For me the inspiration is that I work for the 100 people in my team. Not vice versa. People depend on me and that makes it worth getting up and coming to work.

SS: How can a graduate make the best of the graduate programme?

IM: The simplest answer is – by being you. That doesn’t mean you don’t improve, but you improve at the edges instead of trying to change yourself completely, which is very difficult, if not impossible. Understand your strengths and weaknesses but while most people say work on your weaknesses, I say work on your strengths; improve them even more, and quickly.

Be self-aware, know your weaknesses so you have coping strategies to overcome them. The reason I say this is because if the weakness is in technique, you can practice and improve. If not, you always have team members who will be able to help you. The key is to have team members who complement you and whom you complement.

Suffice to say that meeting Ian was an enriching experience and I came away from this meeting feeling motivated and energised!