Sabrina Vijayakumar

Welcome to my blog. I am in a Front Office role within Barclays Corporate Graduate Scheme (finishing off my first rotation in Risk).

I studied Maths and Finance at City University and a Masters in Management at LSE. Along with my academic life, I have had a variety of work experiences which includes working as a Customer Service Adviser in Retail Banking and as an Assistant Accountant in a Private Equity Firm. I even worked as a Sales Assistant in JD Sports.  What I can say is, every experience you do counts! You realise what you like doing, so you do more of it and leave what you don’t like doing. 

I personally enjoyed working with financial products within the Banking Industry, so … during my final year at LSE, I interned at Barclays, liked the culture that was being promoted and realised this is the place I wanted to work.

During my first rotation at Barclays I have had the opportunity to work as a Corporate Credit Manager within Debt Finance. Let me explain what this means.  

Each Corporate Banking client has specific, individual needs. My role involves helping our clients to achieve their ambitions and helping them to prosper. For example, this might involve supporting them to expand their business by providing them with a financial product such as a loan. Once the loan is in place, my team are responsible for maintaining a close relationship with the client to track their progress and success.

From September I will be moving to my next rotation in Milton Keynes. This is a Coverage Associate Director role within the Pensions Team . Although I know nothing about Pensions at the moment, the team seems to be very friendly and approachable. They are happy to explain any tiny detail which is brilliant.  This is the best part of the graduate scheme, it provides a great opportunity so that you can tailor your career.

I am quite excited about this journey so am looking forward to share this experience with you all.

As you start a career in banking you realise that this is a step-by-step process, to grasp as much knowledge as possible and then apply your knowledge, making use of the opportunities around you. While you are in the graduate program you are on the road to turning yourself to a butterfly.

Catch-up next time!