Rosie Williams

"Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time." –Bill Gates

Last year I walked into the assessment centre for the Future Leader Development Program Technology stream nervous that my complete lack of computer programming ability was about to be found out! To my relief, I found myself surrounded by likeminded individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds. I have since learned that whilst the technology stream can offer fantastic experience in detailed system programming and design it also offers a breadth of experience in product innovation, design and creativity. In fact technology in retail and business banking is one of the most diverse areas you can work in.

Whilst I have no formal experience in computer science or programming I have realised that this is only a small section of the wide range of roles available on the stream. I currently have colleagues working on anything from the innovation of brand new mobile applications to financial reviews, project management and cyber threat analysis.

It’s important to remember that the program is designed to get the best out of you and leverage your experience to add value to the business from the outset. Therefore you won’t be placed in a role that doesn’t suit your skillset, experience and personal development objectives.

In my current role I work in the business support function of the Data and Risk Technology team. This role has provided me with exposure to the back office and highly technical activities that are required to enable a large organisation to run without demanding extensive prerequisite technical skills.

In contrast to the highly technical activities of most of my team, my role requires me to drive, shape, populate and design a training portal for our team across the globe and I have been given the opportunity to deliver results through the support framework and technical training provided by my team and the program.

Being part of business support has allowed me to influence and engage with international team members and senior leaders, carry out research and analyse information, improve my presentation and communication skills and engage with senior stakeholders in the wider technical team. As a first rotation it has given me the exposure to the technology and innovation world that I wanted without demanding extensive technical knowledge.

I have learnt that the problem solving and work ethic needed to obtain a good university degree, regardless of subject, leave anyone who is creative and passionate about technology and innovation well positioned to take up a role in the Technology stream of the FLDP.