Rachel Scandling - Large Holding Reporting

I’m Rachel Scandling and I work in Large Holding for Barclays. I was actually in the military before I came here, so I’m fairly new to banking – about three years in – and I remember what it’s like not to know what some of this means.

How to explain Large Holding: basically, our team have a responsibility to capture, monitor and report out Barclays’ holding and transactions in equity and equity-related securities of publicly listed companies. I know that probably sounds quite technical but essentially, if Barclays has a large holding in a public listed company that reaches a certain threshold, we have to report that externally to the market. It means we have to report against a list of different exchanges and regulators right across the globe.

Personally, I actually don’t have a financial background. In fact, this is my first job post-military life. Every year that I’ve been here though, I’ve moved on and been asked to take on a bigger role. Every day is a new professional challenge, building up the skills and knowledge I need – and I look to the experts in my team to advise and guide me. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what a large shareholding was – but in a very short period of time, I had the encouragement and the tools to develop my capacity.

Our approach here is very collaborative. You reach out to people. I’ll send an email and say, ‘Can you help me with this’, and people will make time. You start to build up a network of individuals who’ll stay in contact with you. In fact, I now encourage my team to do that as often as they can, to get out and meet the wider team and understand what they do. It becomes like second nature to have that culture of openness and collaboration.

Coming from the military, the bank’s culture and core values are what immediately attracted me. You see a team that embodies their values. Excellence. Respect. Stewardship. You see a team accepting people of different professional backgrounds and who actively bring in that professional diversity. Through that, you get innovation, creativity – people who think in different ways.