Priya Giri - Northampton, BPS Core Processing

“Barclays was the one place that caught my eye because it’s more than a bank.”

I currently work with the BPS Core Processing PMO team in Northampton. My role involves overseeing projects in the Core Processing portfolio; this could be anything from a regulatory project or a profit incurring one. I look after the project risks and ensure project managers are keeping it up-to-date. I also attend the weekly Release Forum, creating a deck which was presented to the audience.

Recently, I built an Excel document to keep track of project finances and automated it to calculate the variance and populate graphs. What is really exciting is that this is going to be used for the monthly finance review. Prior to coming here, I believed the tasks assigned would just be to keep me busy – not adding much value to the team. However, since day one, everything I’ve done has made an impact and it’s really motivating to know I’m contributing and doing real work.

The best part of my role is meeting people. Being in PMO allows me to interact with an extensive amount of people, both locally and globally. It’s really interesting to learn about different projects and meet people from all over the world. A misconception I had prior to joining was that it would be extremely difficult to get time with directors, but they have all been friendly, open and willing to give me their time. Plus, the open plan of the office removes any barrier from the directors, so it’s easy to have a chat with them. 

Here, I’ve been able to network and talk to people from all over the business. They have all been kind enough to give me an overview of their teams. Through these conversations, I have found myself wanting to do about 10 different roles because they all sound so exciting! This is just another thing I’ve discovered – there are endless opportunities in Barclays Technology.

Prior to this internship, I was working full time as a test consultant. However, I felt something was missing and wanted to explore a role in financial technology. Barclays was the one place that caught my eye because it was more than a bank. I found them to be very innovative and at the forefront of technological development. Through my research it became apparent how ahead of the times Barclays was, and if history is any indicator of the future, I can look forward to working with more cutting-edge technologies at Barclays.