Pavneet Khurana

I am a second year graduate on the Barclays graduate scheme and I see myself as a true example of diversity here at Barclays – from a small town in the northern hills of India, a Sikh by religion, it’s a story indeed!

To give you a brief background about my time here at Barclays, I completed my first rotation in the client coverage team, based in Birmingham, and am currently working in the Debt Finance - Special Risk Unit, here in the world headquarters of Barclays in London. The whole vibe of working in the financial capital of the world is simply awesome and what makes it even more special are the people here at Barclays. You are hugely valued and an integral part of the organisation, most certainly seen as the future of this great institution.

It has been a beautiful journey for me and I am here to help you realise your dream, share my experience, help you succeed and achieve your goals- it’s all about YOU!

Barclays offers amazing support for your development, right from your immediate colleagues to your line manager and even executive board members- yes that’s correct, anyone in the organisation you want to learn from, you have access to them.

Last year, I was very lucky to secure an executive board member as my mentor. Every minute I spent with them, be it about planning my career, current economic environment, my personal life- I learn something new. It just gives me a whole new world of confidence that I can share a conversation with such a senior figure. 

Hints and Tips

To those of you aspiring for a career here at Barclays, let me give you a few tips:

·       Apply early.

·       Keep any eye out for the graduate events at your university.

·       A lot of answers to the questions asked in the application and the interview process can be found on the Barclays website, every interviewer loves a candidate who has done thorough research.

·       Ask questions- when you are at one of these events or an assessment centre do ask questions, don’t be afraid! It is the only way for you to know more and others to know about you. The key word here is #participate

·       Networking- You know someone, that someone knows someone; try to learn from them about the culture, show interest, that may create opportunities.

·       Be humble, be hungry - everybody loves to work with nice people.

Always remember- it’s about you and you achieving your dreams!

On a separate note, tomorrow, I and a few of my colleagues are going to be presenting a recommendation report to a panel of judges and the chief executive of our charity partner. Our charity partner works with ex-offenders, drug addicts and young unemployed people. It’s been an incredible learning opportunity, to learn more about people and very heart-warming to support this wonderful cause.

Until I started working on this report, I never knew that there are people in this society who offend or re-offend just so that they can go to prison and get some shelter and food. Our charity partner works with these people, supporting them to free themselves from this cycle, and to help them move on - to achieve their aspirations in the right way and create a better future for themselves.

So, until next time, I say good luck and good bye - I promise to come back with some more useful tips on getting on the graduate scheme, comments from a senior executive and share with you another beautiful story of my wonderful life here at Barclays.

If the weather God’s are listening- I will soon be singing- let it snow, let it snow… Keep warm, catch you soon