Nomundari Bold

From Mongolian clear blue skies and endless steppes, I just came back to the twenty-fifth floor in a Barclays building - fully energised and refreshed.

When I was on holiday, my grandparents asked me what exactly I do in my current role as a Regulatory Relations analyst. I struggled for a few seconds on where to begin because what I do on day-to-day basis is never the same. However, in the end I decided that the best way to describe what I do is to tell them that I am an expert advisor. 

It is my job, with the help of my team and manager, to make sure that all the internal and external people I talk to, have the right tools and knowledge they need to make sure Barclays operates in the best way possible.

In the banking industry there are regulators who essentially make sure we are doing things in the right way for our customers. Keeping in contact with these regulators and building and improving relationships with them is a key part of what my team does. In Compliance, we act as a kind of bridge between our internal colleagues and our regulatory contacts, so good communication is vital.

 As a Compliance graduate, you could end up in five possible advisory roles:

  • Tracking changes to regulations and advising on how to prepare for those changes
  • Designing and implementing strategies to assist colleagues in doing their jobs in the right way
  • Monitoring how effective these strategies are and making sure we are always looking at ways to improve things
  • Helping to resolve difficulties when they happen
  • Explaining and advising colleagues on changes to regulations in the clearest way possible.

As you can see, Compliance is a diverse function and the Barclays graduate programme is great as it provides an opportunity to rotate and try out the different areas to enable young people to make an informed career choice. I have so far really enjoyed my two rotations and look forward to my third one next year.