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Since writing my last blog I have finished my first rotation and completed my graduate training and a few modules of the Compliance Career Academy (CCA).

At the CCA, we explored how the Compliance function is changing and how Barclays is developing the role of its Compliance professionals. This helped me gain perspective about where I fit in and how I can contribute to a large organisation like Barclays.  Compliance is more than setting rules and ensuring that people have complied – it's also about embedding the values, culture and behaviours.

I was inspired to hear a senior speaker from Barclays present a three question framework to support and guide employees in their decision making: 

  1. Is it legal? 
  2. Is it within the rules? 
  3. Is it right? 

We in Compliance play an important part in setting this framework and helping people to find better ways of working. 

Another key responsibility of the Compliance function, is to make sure we adhere to all banking regulations. In my last rotation, I learned to track regulatory developments and produce newsletters on topical developments. I am now just three days into my new role as a Regulatory Relations analyst and I will be helping manage the relationship with the regulator, which will be a great new challenge . Learning does not stop and there is so much opportunity for development and support for graduates at Barclays.

‘Doing things the right way’ is becoming embedded in the Barclays culture, and I feel proud to be part of this transformation. Senior management at Barclays is dedicated to continuing to develop a culture of compliance and trust across the business. I see on a day-to-day basis how much it is emphasised and it's exciting to be involved.