Muhammad Alam

As my second week of internship draws to an end I would like to reflect on the week in the life of an intern. The internship program definitely exceeded my expectations – I am impressed by the constant support that I received from HR regarding social, networking and skills workshop opportunities.

My first week began with an induction which was an invaluable training for two days where I met fellow interns and high-energy business trainers from across the bank, which enabled me to build up a very useful network.

From week 1, I was involved in high level projects and meetings with my colleagues and senior managers on a daily basis. I organised and attended a virtual global meeting where colleagues from across the globe joined us and discussed the progress of the ongoing projects. My manager, my team and the senior business heads were always available to help support my learning and answer my queries.

This last statement sums up my experience so far:

Cool socials, excellent networking opportunities, work experience in a leading global firm, meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world, making new friends, weekend excursions and football matches with fellow interns made for a successful internship.

Finally, I would absolutely recommend the internship program to potential interns: Come ready to learn, ask questions and get ready for an exciting, full of fun, challenging and rewarding Summer Internship Programme.