Milly Soubry Gordon

After studying English, History and Politics at A Level I went to Durham University in 2009 to study Politics and Business. By my second year of University I was set on completing an internship with a FTSE 500 company.

I’d heard such good things about Barclays investment in graduates, and an internship with Barclays would put me in a great position following completion of my degree, so I applied in my third year. My reason for choosing HR was that a career in this important business area would give me a really interesting oversight into how a global bank operates, which has absolutely been the case. An additional benefit for me was the rotational aspect of the graduate programme which meant I would have the opportunity to sample working across a number of different teams.

Following my internship, I was really excited to be offered a place on the graduate scheme to start in 2013, and since the end of September I have been working in the HR Business Partner team supporting the Corporate Front Office. In this role I have been involved in a wide range of different projects, beginning my rotation by supporting the Front Office 2014 promotions process. 

It has been fascinating to learn how much this process is underpinned by the Barclays values and how much they are taken into account when promotion decisions are being made - from the questions asked in promotion interviews to the answers that interviewers look for and the behaviours that the individual must demonstrate on a daily basis in their role.

I was initially a little daunted because the role involves a lot of Excel work and data analysis for presentation decks which go to very senior people and having never really used Excel before all of the formulas and tricks were completely new to me. It was a real challenge and a steep learning curve, but also an amazing opportunity to get such exposure to senior leaders almost from the beginning of my time as a graduate.

Over the last few months I’ve also been involved in planning two Citizenship volunteering days, these took place in the first week of March, and involved a group of graduates using their skills and experiences to run interview workshops for Year 11 students at a school in Tower Hamlets.

As you can see my experience so far has been diverse, demanding and developmental.