Matthew Measor - Group Functions

“I’m proud of what I do. But I’m prouder still of how far I’ve come.”

Working in the Group Credit Risk team, I get to co-ordinate projects that impact Barclays’ global portfolios. It’s my job to give senior managers the very latest updates on what’s happening all around the world – from the US/China trade war to housing prices in the UK.

Why? So we can make sure Barclays is resilient a whole host of risks that could affect its financial performance.

Because of the ever-evolving nature of world events, I don’t think a ‘typical’ day exists in my team! But that makes it all the more interesting. In Risk, you get to see what’s going on across the whole business and then step back to look at the bigger picture. Put simply, we take what’s happening in the real world and analyse the potential impact on Barclays and our customers – then try to mitigate that impact. 

So that’s a bit about my role itself. I’m also the Co-Chair for the South Chapter of our internal LGBTQ+ network, Spectrum. It involves all sorts of things: from running events that raise thousands of pounds for charity to leading LGBTQ+ sessions and workshops that start the right kind of conversations.

I came into Barclays thinking a graduate had to prove their worth, but I quickly realised that proving your ability doesn’t mean you have to conform to a ‘traditional’ way of working. I

regularly work from home, don’t spend my day chained to my desk, and dedicate time towards Spectrum and our Diversity & Inclusion agendas. It’s a really healthy balance.

When I think about Barclays, authenticity springs to mind. My managers genuinely want to see me flourish and succeed – they’re behind me all the way. I’ve grown as an individual and picked up invaluable skills, all of which are helping me realise my ambitions. Yes, I’m proud of what I do. But I’m prouder still of how far I’ve come.